Steve Greco, AIA Founding Principal

As an architect with fifteen years of experience I have tremendous pride for the profession and continually strive to improve. From my time spent at school to the present I have looked for ways to be involved, assume leadership positions, and participate in industry organizations. I am passionate about technology within architecture and educating the public about design.

Throughout my experience the most important thing I have learned, is that there is always more to learn when it comes to field of architectural. Architecture is a profession that can be equally rewarding as it is humbling. I firmly believe in the power of design to resonate with people beyond just architects. I feel the best buildings inspire both the architect and everyday person a like. At the core of a good design solution is the story. The stronger we can communicate this, the more effective our design can be. It is important for architects to rely on each other and foster a strong reliance on each other for knowledge. For this reason I actively participate in AIA committees as well as look for opportunities to partner with the larger development and engineering community.

Outside of architecture, my biggest joy is adventuring with my wife, daughter and dog. My personal motto is “the road less traveled”, as I always am looking to be challenged physically and mentally.

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