. 614878

. 774593

Twin Lakes Residence

TThe Twin Lakes Cabin features a compact layout, yet still offers dynamic spaces meant to serve as backdrop to the beauty surrounding the site. Intended to be used as a weekend retreat, the wrap-around deck welcomes you to the property and invites one explore the surrounding environment. A large overhang blocks direct sunlight, while providing cover to the generously sized outdoor deck. The home blends into the existing topography and intentionally looks like extension of the site through the use of a stone base. Horizontal and vertical wood siding complete the exterior palate and reinforce the home’s connection to nature.


  • Twin Lakes
  • Longitude: 39.614878
  • Latitude: 106.774593


  • Size: 2,000 SF
  • Completion: 2022


  • Mountain House
  • Twin Lakes
  • Cabin

Front Deck


Living Room

View from Porch