Focus Areas

DWELL - live in or at a specified place

Residential projects are site inspired and focus on creating unique living experiences. Each design is carefully crafted to respond to specific project parameters. Project experience ranges from single-family to multi-family units, including:

  • Urban Home
  • Duplex
  • Mountain Residence
  • Exterior Addition
  • Town Home
  • Multi-Family

ADAPT - make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose

Commercial/Retail projects focus on adaptive reuse and renovations of existing spaces. We are inspired by the contrast between old and new and design enduring spaces to compliment existing conditions, including historic structures. Project experience includes a wide-range of project types including:

  • Distillery
  • Brewery
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Coffee Shop
  • Tasting Room

COLLBORATE - people working jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something

Workplace projects are focused on creating unique working environments that foster interaction. In the rapidly changing workplace environment, our designs reflect current industry trends and exceed tenant expectations. Project experience includes both interior and exterior projects of varying size:

  • Lobby Renovation
  • Exterior Improvements
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Landlord Improvements
  • Major Renovations
  • Asset Repositioning


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